it\’s louder in your head.

the olympic spirit.

Posted in culture,rambling by rdkaye on 25 February 2006

i haven’t watched much of the olympics in turin.

 (random aside: why the hell is NBC calling it “torino?” i mean, yes that it’s it’s proper italian name, but they didn’t use the greek name of athens in 2004 or the korean name of seoul in ’88. i think it’s because turin sounds like urine. and torino sounds like a big manly truck. thoughts? opinions?)

anyway, despite my lack of television viewing, it has come to my attention that the biathlon is one of the neatest events ever — and the athletes are freaking incredible. they combine crosscountry skiing and shooting. i’d totally take it up. except that i live in georgia where it never snows. oh, and the puking part.


4alarm’s rants of the day.

Posted in culture,politics by rdkaye on 24 February 2006

1. since when did “national security” justify xenophobia? now, not only do brown people have to be humiliated in airports, but now they can’t even conduct legitimate business in the US? come on people, the parent companies of the Dubai port management company haven’t been conducting good business for years to dupe us into thinking they’re safe. they’re trying to make money, here, people. gah.

now, i might be concerned about the administration’s connections to said multinational corporation, but that’s an entirely different issue. better DP World than Halliburton.

2. what the hell is up with our society that winning a silver medal at the freaking olympics makes one a loser??!?!?!

For Cohen, her silver is another reminder of potential squandered.

last time i checked, that means that on that one day, she was the second best figure skater in the WORLD. ugh. she’s a 21 year old kid. leave her alone. get some olympic spirit, people.

According to the Olympic Charter, established by Pierre de Coubertin, the goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

being sick is suckful.

Posted in rambling by rdkaye on 23 February 2006

no, i haven’t given up the blog after a mere 2 posts. my body has decided to give me a reality check. for my birthday, no less. maybe when one turns 28 one’s immune/respiratory systems shut down? dunno. wheels have been turning, though. posts on unitarian evangelism and my fat tooth are in the works.

in the meantime, what gender is your brain? mine is gender neutral, apparently. i sure wish the brain would communicate that to my uncomfortably shedding uterus. SDER (more…)

unitarian jihad

Posted in god/dess,unitarian universalism by rdkaye on 17 February 2006

so, i’ve only officially been a unitarian universalist for about a year. but i am possibly the world’s only unitarian evangelist. i think everyone should be unitarian.

 My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Katana of Enlightened Compassion.
Get yours.

hmm…i don’t even know what a katana is. isn’t it a mannheim steamroller album?

the point.

Posted in Uncategorized by rdkaye on 17 February 2006

okay, so the title of this post is misleading. because i don’t actually know what the point is yet. i just know that a few weeks ago, i was at a group for budding young writers organized by some folks at my church, my friend was eating chex mix, and she declared it “the loudest food.” my response, “it’s louder in your head.” because, umm…, it is. sort of like how your voice sounds differently to you than to other people.

well, for some reason, i’ve been thinking about this a lot. especially after chutney wrote this post about embracing adolescence. and it made me think of this episode of my so-called life (one of the greatest TV shows of all time) where angela (claire danes’ character) talks about how sometimes in a conversation you say the wrong thing…or what seems like the wrong thing…and it repeats over and over again in your head. it’s all you can hear. and you only think of the right thing to say in the instant that it’s not possible anymore. or maybe a day or a year later. that totally happens to me.

anyway, yeah, it’s louder in your head. i guess that is the point.

so, the blog. all the cool kids are doing it. and i’ve decided that i live in my head too much. i can imagine myself talking about politics, religion, food, popular culture, sexuality, the meaning of life and marriage. and maybe grammar. we’ll see how it goes.