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unitarian jihad

Posted in god/dess,unitarian universalism by rdkaye on 17 February 2006

so, i’ve only officially been a unitarian universalist for about a year. but i am possibly the world’s only unitarian evangelist. i think everyone should be unitarian.

 My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Katana of Enlightened Compassion.
Get yours.

hmm…i don’t even know what a katana is. isn’t it a mannheim steamroller album?


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  1. mankydown said,

    I am too. I love being a UE!

  2. Kermit_Is said,

    A katana is a single-edged Japanese sword. You are a blade in the hand of the Unitarian Jihad!

  3. kinsi said,

    My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Broadsword of Warm Humanitarianism.
    Get yours.

  4. kinsi said,

    Cheers on the blog!

    My name: Brother Broadsword of Warm Humanitarianism

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