it\’s louder in your head.

being sick is suckful.

Posted in rambling by rdkaye on 23 February 2006

no, i haven’t given up the blog after a mere 2 posts. my body has decided to give me a reality check. for my birthday, no less. maybe when one turns 28 one’s immune/respiratory systems shut down? dunno. wheels have been turning, though. posts on unitarian evangelism and my fat tooth are in the works.

in the meantime, what gender is your brain? mine is gender neutral, apparently. i sure wish the brain would communicate that to my uncomfortably shedding uterus. SDER

that’s a self-directed eye roll, in case you were wondering.

in other news, apparently that quiz has been talking to my dad. it thinks i should be an engineer too, pops!


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  1. kinsi said,

    My score was a perfect, even, zero. Yay for gender neutral Kinsi.

    I’m just ticked I missed two angles.

    And I like maculinity in a partner. Hmmmm

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