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the olympic spirit.

Posted in culture,rambling by rdkaye on 25 February 2006

i haven’t watched much of the olympics in turin.

 (random aside: why the hell is NBC calling it “torino?” i mean, yes that it’s it’s proper italian name, but they didn’t use the greek name of athens in 2004 or the korean name of seoul in ’88. i think it’s because turin sounds like urine. and torino sounds like a big manly truck. thoughts? opinions?)

anyway, despite my lack of television viewing, it has come to my attention that the biathlon is one of the neatest events ever — and the athletes are freaking incredible. they combine crosscountry skiing and shooting. i’d totally take it up. except that i live in georgia where it never snows. oh, and the puking part.


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  1. Tom said,

    The Georigia equivalent of the biathlon would be mud riding and then fishing.

  2. There are about 2 crore hard-working and progressive Sikhs in India , but there are hattay kattay (able-bodied) 2 crores Hindu beggars in india……what can be more insulting joke for hindu aprt from this Click

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